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  • Kick-start Mondays!! Fight Monday Blues with right foods

    In Fitness On 07 August 2017

      Most of us have had that Monday morning feeling, when getting out of the bed feels like the end of the world! After the weekend bids a fond goodbye, most of our Mondays tend be sad, gloomy and tiring.   But don't worry, help is at hand. With just a few mood-boosting additions to your diet, both your mood and energy levels can stay up all day.   ?         Dark Chocolate: For all those with a sweet tooth, snack on 2 squares of dark chocolate mid work. Chocolates that contain 70% of cocoa and over are not only fantastic mood boosters, they are also rich in anti-aging anti-oxidants.    ?         Protein Rich Sources: If you want to increase your mood-lifting dopamine levels a little more naturally, protein rich choices like cheese, eggs and chicken all contain the tryptophan amino acid that triggers the brain to produce the hormone. Dopamine and serotonin are linked with producing natural effects of euphoria and pleasure.   ?         Fruits: Fruits like pineapple, watermelon, blueberries and apples all act as an ideal pick-me-up, thanks to their ability to increase the dopamine and serotonin in the body.     ?         Go potassium: Low potassium levels have been linked with stress, irritability and tiredness, so any source of potassium will get you feeling calm and ready for anything in no time. Great sources of potassium can be found in avocados, dried fruit and dark chocolate.   ?         Water: Managing at least five glasses of water per day not only keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy, it also helps to fight feelings of fatigue. Increased tiredness is a common cause of dehydration. But if you're not a big water fan, you can always add in slice of lemon and crushed ice for an extra kick.   ?         Beans and more: Most of us are often lost when it comes to Tiffin ideas. So adding foods like kidney beans, lentils, alfalfa broad beans to a mixed bean salad will not only go easy on the waistline, but will also keep you active.     Make sure to include these foods and Have an Energetic Monday and a happy week ahead.

  • Eat less, Workout more: Breaking down the old school weight loss method.

    In Fitness On 08 August 2017

          To lose weight - one should eat less and workout more?               Theoretically, it should work out that way, but the human body is far more complex than that.  Frenzied workouts while starving yourself will only work for few kilos. It%u2019s a temporary solution to a permanent problem.   What happens next is the body stops losing weight. When you desperately slash calories, or exercise TOO much, it disrupts the hormone cycle in your body. Making your body feel its survival is under threat.    Your body inherently reacts by overcompensating. It creates irresistible cravings that force you to overeat (many times even when you%u2019re not even hungry!). This is the body%u2019s survival response which in prehistoric times would have ensured continued existence. As a result, it beats up your metabolism to compensate for the drastic decrease in calories, because it%u2019s worried about starvation.    Both the cravings and the sluggish metabolism will happen together because cutting calories too much plummets your leptin levels. Leptin is the hormone that helps regulates your weight (by controlling hunger and your metabolism).    In other words, if you%u2019re PUNISHING your body to lose weight by starving yourself and overtraining, you%u2019re picking a fight you can%u2019t win.  Leptin both fortunately and unfortunately is one of the most powerful hormones in your body related to weight loss, there are no two ways about that.    

  • Eat the right food for a Better Body

    In Fitness On 08 August 2017

    Choosing nutritious food helps your health in several days.    Firstly a fiber rich diet, with lean proteins and healthy fats keep you feeling full on fewer calories. Secondly, antioxidants present in healthy food offer several health benefits.   Here are some of the healthiest foods you can eat for heart health, weight loss and healthier skin.   Salmon %u2013 Omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish-such as salmon and boost your skin%u2019s defenses against UV damage. Watermelon - With high water content, watermelon is a good source of Vitamin C and also contains anti-oxidants. Tomatoes %u2013 They are rich source of lycopene, protect the skin against ultra-violet rays and keep the skin firm and youthful. Pomegranate %u2013 This fruit is full of anti-oxidant, and helps prevent heart disease, Alzheimer%u2019s and cancer. Oatmeal %u2013 Rich in fiber, eating oatmeal daily could result in a 5% drop in bad cholesterol. Lentils %u2013 They are fabulous source of iron, protein and dietary fiber. Spices %u2013 Usage of certain spices such as paprika, turmeric and others in your food, can fight a number of illness from cancer to Alzheimer%u2019s.

  • Foods that make you look younger

    In Fitness On 08 August 2017

    Growing older is inevitable but looking old is not. What you eat has a big impact on how you look, especially as you grow older. Eating right can cut down years from your body and face. Here are some of the anti-ageing foods that will help you look youthful and healthy:   Greens & Seeds: They are rich source of calcium and also aid in bone preservation. Fish: Fish is a good source of protein leptin, which controls your appetite to prevent you from over-eating. Oily fish like salmon contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which fight wrinkles. Beans: Proteins, minerals and vitamins are plentiful in beans, which contribute to keeping the whole system healthy. Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate contains a generous dose of anti-oxidants that keep the skin youthful and vibrant. Tomatoes: This is an anti-oxidant that gives the skin more collagen, prevents sagging and reddening of the skin. Strawberries: They are potent anti-oxidants with a good Vitamin-C content that boost the production of collagen fibers that help the skin remain smooth and firm. Apples: Eating two or more apples a week has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease. The peel has a high anti-oxidant content.

  • Common Myths About Dieting

    In Dieting myths On 09 August 2017

    In the era of fast living, people mostly have great desire to stay fit and look young. Every one of us consciously or subconsciously has made their own definition of %u201CDIET%u201D. Dieting has led to many unhealthy misconceptions about weight loss. People are, on an average, not aware or one can say largely ignorant about Healthy and Unhealthy foods, quantities to be taken and which food items to be encouraged and which to restrict. All this mainly depends on an individual's state in terms of his/her body structure, metabolism, life styles, ailments / diseases......   It is good to see, there is tremendous zeal among people to stay fit but for that there is requirement to have correct information about fitness methods and its effects and results. With today%u2019s trend of losing weight I have lot of patients who have the urge to know "Which food items to encourage in the diet and which ones to restrict?" or "What is best suited for me and what is not?" or %u201Cwhat is the ideal weight loss?%u201D.... With this article I am trying to cover the most commonly asked questions:   ?         Does dieting mean an absolute change in the eating pattern and appear weak and look starved? By dieting everybody obviously means, eating less. This concept should be changed. Dieting actually means eating correctly, large quantities of the right foods and small quantities of the wrong foods. When you eat in this pattern there will be no side effects. It is not completely changing the eating pattern, but certain addition of foods to nourish bodies so that they are no deficiencies like anaemia, and being completely fit, far from being starved and weak.   ?         How important is it to exercise for weight loss? Exercise is a fabulous way and meant to relax, tone body and to improve stamina and not exactly lose weight. You might lose few kilos but to get the results it has to be combined with right kind and amount of food.  One needs to understand the right kind of exercise depending upon individual%u2019s requirement, i.e. age, injuries, and lifestyle. Over-exercise which is done to lose weight faster in most cases lead to frustration and injuries. Including the exercise regime is very important and should be done but in moderation and depending on your requirement.   ?         Are foods like mint, lemongrass, cumin seed (jeera), harmful for health? Since ancient times foods like jeera, coriander, mint are been used in daily life.  Even the health practitioners use garlic and onion to lower the cholesterol, methi seeds and bitter gourd [karela] is used for diabetics. Certain foods act as a %u201Cdelicious natural capsules%u201D to detoxify, the body, but to understand that the health professional should know the action of the specific food on individuals body as %u2018One man%u2019s food can be another man%u2019s poison%u2019 %u2013 and  effect of food and drug upon the body differ greatly between individuals.   ?         How many meals should be eaten in a day? Whether you want to lose weight or not but one should have small and frequent meals to keep up the energy levels. This does not mean that you should keep eating the whole day. One should have 3 major meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 small meals i.e. a mid morning snack and evening snack to keep up your energy levels and to avoid overeating in the major meals.   ?         How much weight does an overweight or obese person should lose? It is not always important to be in height weight ratio. The amount of weight loss depends on certain factors like age, body structure, physical activity, illness. This is best decided by the professional. Lose weight to be healthy and disease free and not starved and malnourished.   ?         Does weight loss means stop eating and drinking and never getting back to normal life? It%u2019s about your entire food habits, lifestyle, sleeping pattern, vitamin intake that influences your weight, skin, hair, nails etc. Everything in moderation is the key. Hard drinks can be taken 2-3 times a week, if you really must, totalling up to 4-5 drinks in a week.   ?         Are there specific foods that help in weight loss? There is no one food that decides weight loss. Losing weight means eating but foods like whole grains, rice, soy beans, fish, milk, curd and eggs, so that you gain in health and lose in weight.   ?         Can the diet which works for one person effects the other person to? There is an ideal diet for a particular type of body constitution. Based on symptoms, your medical problems, your family history of medical problems, your lifestyle, a suitable diet can be designed which will suit your individual needs. The diet has to be designed to increase their energy levels and enhance immunity to handle stress and concentrate better. It is important to first identify body constitution and according to that derive a corrective-eating plan for each individual that covers all meals from morning to bedtime.    With the diet the complaints ranging from chipped nails, dull complexion, dark circles etc. should vanish, and metabolism and hemoglobin should be improved. Healthy foods lead to sound health and these should be started from childhood. Lack of exercise, indulging in routine consumption of fast foods, etc leads to many health problems. The importance of diet in maintaining health should not be ignored. Since diet played a major role in controlling diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, etc, it is important to take regular diet counseling from a professional who can understand your body and design the right diet for you.

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