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    Vacation is a time to unwind, to celebrate and to rejuvenate; most of us take two long breaks. To maintain weight during vacation becomes challenging. Vacations are nice but putting on weight during this time is definitely not so nice. When you travel, you are often forced to eat out at every meal as it can make you put on some extra pounds around the waistline.   The good news is that usually there are healthier options at every restaurant, even at fast-food places. When I say healthier options, you must be visualizing soups and salads. But believe me, you can enjoy much tastier, scrumptious and your favourite foods, by just selecting wisely.   It is possible to enjoy food without packing extra pounds. By following some simple guidelines:   ?  It%u2019s harder to make health food choices when you get too hungry. Also you may pop in several starters without even realizing. Have a bowl full of papaya or 2 apples or half bowl of roasted grams before reaching in to the restaurant.   ?  Look for foods that are baked, grilled or steamed rather than fried or deep fried.    ?  Grilled seafood platter, Sizzler's minus the French fries and rice, veg and paneer tikkas are good enough to keep you happy during your vacation.   ?  When we talk about vacation or festival how can we forget alcohol? But the calories in alcohol and beverages can add up quickly. Wiser idea is to start with smaller drink and in between every drink of alcohol, have one glass of water. Remember that water is the best thirst quencher and it%u2019s calorie-free! Consuming alcohol can trigger dehydration, so drink lots of water. And with regards to cold drinks and packaged juices, try having fresh lemonade, minty lemon, cucumber coolers or iced tea.   ?  A few days before the festivities begin, start watching what you eat. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to obtain enough fibre. This in turn will keep your stomach full for a longer time, so that you avoid gorging on calorie- loaded foods.    ?  At a buffet, instead of trying a little of everything, stick to a few healthy choices like salads and lean protein (chicken, fish).   ?  Use smaller plates while eating. Fill 2/3rd of your plate with fruits and vegetables; 1/3rd can be allotted to high %u2013 calorie foods such as sweets or fried starters.   ?  Rich gravies like malai koftas, malai methi matar etc. are overloaded with cashews and pistachios which have a high quantity of invisible fat. Say %u2018no%u2019!


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    Is your new year%u2019s resolution weight loss too?   Are you following an old method to lose weight by eating less calories and exercising more? In the past, in order to lose weight fast, people would follow a low calorie diet.  There are many medical practitioners and dieticians that are still following the low calorie method. Due to this concept, many people started downloading the calorie app to keep track of their calorie intake in order to lose weight.   The truth   Studies have documented that 95% of the people who ate fewer calories did not lose weight. To lose weight you have to eat right. Eating less or low calorie which is not nutritive or wholesome will make you gain weight for e.g. A diet coke has zero calories as compared to an apple which has 80 calories, now if you go by calories, diet coke would be a great option in comparison to apple. But in reality, the apple will not only provide you good nutrients but will also lead to weight loss due to negative calories (as the apple requires more food energy to be digested than it provides)   How do I lose weight right way? Is this what you are thinking?   The solution   Do not follow low calorie, crash diets, fad diet and rigorous exercises. In order to lose weight, firstly focus on the nutrients required by your body.   The mantra is to focus on the right proportion of Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Minerals and Vitamins. a)      Complex digestible carbohydrates such as grain products (preferably whole grains) such as bread, rice, cereal as well as fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy foods. b)      Fats: Mainly essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) E.g. Nuts (almonds, walnuts), seeds (chia, hemp, flaxseeds), sardine, salmon, soyabean etc. Good fats such as coconut oil, desi ghee, avocado and egg yolks. c)      Protein: Complete and High biological value such as Fish, poultry, whole egg.   ?         Secondly, hormones play an important role with regards to our weight. Some foods release fat burning hormones and some foods release fat storing hormones. One of the most important foods that play a role in regulating hormones is fat. Many of us think that by eliminating fat or eating boiled food we are one step closer to our weight loss target. But the truth is one has to eat fat to burn fat. You need to incorporate the right type of fat in order to move the stubborn fat. Fat is good for you and for your metabolism.  Good fat in nuts and seeds [restricted amounts] will not make you fat and cause weight gain.   ?         And lastly, one can only lose weight if their body is in happy state. You all must be wondering what does that mean. It%u2019s very simple "happy state of body" is when there are no deficiencies or diseases. One can lose weight and fat percentage only if these two factors are absent. Before working on your weight loss resolution, make sure to check your parameters regularly like Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Haemoglobin, Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc. These parameters decide if your body is in a healthy and happy state. In order to respond to the attempt of right weight and fat loss, your body therefore needs to be disease and deficiencies free.     So before working on your new year%u2019s resolution, make sure to focus on these 3 important things for a drop in waist size. 

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