What to eat before and after exercising

What to eat before and after exercising

By Harpreet Pasricha  on: 07 August 2017
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What you eat before and after your workout is just as important as the workout itself. 

Here are some pre and post workout eating tips to help you optimize your exercise regimen:




Load up on carbs: One hour before you workout, you could at a fruit (apple or banana), toast or cornflakes and wash it down with a glass of water. This will give you the necessary energy and help you stay hydrated.

Don%u2019t starve: Exercising on an empty stomach is a no-no. It could lead to fatigue and a lack of energy.

Avoid heavy meals: Normal individuals should maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between a heavy meal and a workout. This is to ensure that your sugar level reaches an optimum level.




Eat within an hour: Once your workout is over, ensure that you eat within an hour. This will help prevent infections, as the body is most prone during this hour.

Stay hydrated: The body loses salt while sweating. Replenish lost electrolytes with coconut water or some other electrolyte-rich drink.

Greens: To support digestion, make sure that you include plenty of greens in your meal, as they are rich in fiber.


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07 August 2017
  In our state Goa, there isn%u2019t a drastic drop in temperature and we don%u2019t get a luxury to curl up under a comforter and sip on some hot chocolate or soup.  However, if you are travelling to North India or vacationing in cold countries such as Ireland, Switzerland, UK etc, you would require winter foods to cope with a dismal, dreary late-winter chill. Even though you may cover your body with a coat, shawl or sweater to keep yourselves warm, there are certain foods that are best consumed in the winter which have thermogenic effect on the body. As winters can affect your mood and energy levels, these foods have an ability to raise your body temperature and keep you warm and active. It will also help to rev up your metabolic engine and narrow your waistline. Some of the most effective winter foods are:   ?         Ginger: Gingers promotes thermogenesis (a process by which heat is generated when food is digested.) Ginger has a lot of health benefits like improving the respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, blood circulation, digestion and boosting immune system. The warm calming effects of ginger can actually help you deal with stress as well. You can also add it to your stews, soups, teas and curries.   ?         Garlic:  Garlic is known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. In winters, conditions like asthma and bronchitis becomes exaggerated. Consuming garlic will help reduce these conditions. Garlic also lowers cholesterol and can be easily added to soups, gravies and chutneys. Remember to chop the garlic and letting it sit for 15 minutes before cooking as this activates beneficial enzymes which help in reducing oxidation in the body.   ?         Whole egg: These foods have a high thermogenic effect. Since a lot of energy is required to digest lean protein, the energy that is expended will burn more calories. Also these foods help you to build muscle.   ?         Cinnamon: They are an excellent option for heat production in your body. Winter is the season to load your meals with all kinds of spices. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants, aids in digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.   ?         Pepper:  Pepper tops the chart when it comes to warming foods. It can be easily incorporated in the daily diet. Pepper is used in almost all cuisines. It can be added to soups, curries etc. Ground pepper can be added to tea making it a refreshing and healthy beverage. Try green tea with some pepper corns next time.    ?         Fats (clarified ghee, virgin coconut oil): Coconut oil and clarified ghee are beneficial as it provides with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are not found in other fats. These oils have a thermogenic effect that lasts for 24 hours, so using a couple of tablespoons of it each day may help your metabolism over time. These oils do not just have a high nutritional value but can also helps to boost your immune system.   WRITTEN BY: NUTRITIONIST MS. HARPREET PASRICHA (DIRECTOR OF DIET DR CLINIC POWERED BY HARPREET PASRICHA)
07 August 2017
  When you think of summers, the image that comes to most of our minds is beach, swimming, games, ice cream, and summer vacations etc. For all these activities to be possible, we need our energy levels to be high and maximum.  However, with this excruciating heat, we tend to feel dehydrated, fatigued and low. In order to uplift our energy levels, most of us would look at sugar or caffeine to give us a boost. However, fresh, unprocessed foods will boost your energy levels much better than sugary or caffeinated beverages. Sugar and caffeinated beverages are not helpful in the long run, they will lead to more sugar caving and eventually headache.   One of the best ways is to instantly kick up your energy levels to all time high is to include energy- enriching foods. These foods will also help with lifting mood and focus. During the summers, however with low energy levels, appetite decreases too and most of us would rather enjoy a drink than eating something.   So here are some easy to make homemade energy drinks to beat the heat this summer, eliminate tiredness and boost energy levels.   ?         Radiant Skin Smoothie: Mix pineapple, aloe vera juice, mint leaves, green apple grind using chilled water and strain. Pineapple tends to have a good mix of vitamins and antioxidants. They also contain enzymes like bromelain that can protect your body against inflammation.   ?         Low Calorie Smoothie: Mix cucumber, coriander leaves, green apple and lime together, grind using cold water and strain. Cucumber is made of 90 percent water and is known as a soothing vegetable. Cucumber helps by hydrating the body and replenishing the nutrients.   ?         Kokum Juice: Put together kokum, cardamom, cumin seeds, fennel seeds grind using chilled water and strain. Kokum is a healthy and refreshing natural coolant. It is rich in vitamin C and has antioxidant properties. It helps to hydrate the body and improve appetite.   ?         Iced tea: Take 2 litres of water, boil using green tea. Cool and add lemongrass, mint and some cut fruits. Iced tea is an antioxidant rich drink which will keep the energy levels boosted and the body hydrated throughout the day.   ?         Apple Smoothies: Mix slim milk, apple, almonds, elaichi powder together, grind and enjoy with ice cubes. Apple milkshakes can also be a perfect solution which will effectively enhance the energy flow in your body. An apple milk shake, especially a chilled one, will keep you active throughout the day.   ?         Mango Smoothie: Mix mango, slim milk, sugar grind together and enjoy it with ice cubes. Mango pulp is rich in vitamins, minerals and potassium. This smoothie will charge you up with ample energy.     After a long day at work, indulge in any one of these smoothies to keep you energised. These summer smoothies not only taste great, but they also provide the body with water and a combination of nutrition, keeping you healthy and happy. Go easy on fruit juices, sodas, soft drinks, energy drinks which will cause an immediate weight gain. Eat healthy and beat the summer heat!!   (Inputs by Nutritionist Harpreet Pasricha)
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